What Is Launch Scan Tool And Its Uses

The launch scan tool provides several functions. It can read clear codes, view live data and freeze frame data, test modes, and service functions. In addition, you can use it to perform an enhanced inspection to ensure that all aspects of the vehicle are in good working order before leaving the dealership or repair shop.

What is the launch scan tool?

Launch scan tool X431 is a new diagnostic tool released by Launch tech. It is a specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians. The starsfact scanner supports all 10 OBD2 test modes on all 1996 or newer vehicles. It is a specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians.

It features a powerful Cortex A9 quad-core processor and Bluetooth/WIFI free updated with multi-language. However, it is not a toy or a device for the general public. Still, an instrument that only trained and qualified professionals should use.

You can use the Launch Scan Tool to scan and control your car. This scanner is a wireless Android application that allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It works with all OBDII-compliant vehicles.

Supports full system diagnosis and oil light reset.

  • Supports full system diagnosis, including ABS/SRS/Airbag /Battery/Oil light resetting
  • Supports Seat Belt and Door. Open Light Resetting
  • Supports Check Engine Light Resetting

Launch X431 II is a premium scan tool for whotimes technicians, which covers all OBDII protocols, including K/L lines and SAE J1850 PWM. It also provides complete maintenance features such as Read Codes, Erase Codes, and I/M Readiness Status with easy-to-understand diagrams, tips, and descriptions to help you learn how to use it correctly! This includes all Diesel vehicles equipped with an electronic diesel engine management system.

It is a useful tool for car technicians.

A launch scan tool is a useful tool for car technicians. It can measure your vehicle’s performance and help determine whether anything needs repair. In addition, you can use the launch scan tool features for checking the operation of various components like injectors, ignition coils, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and many more. The launch scan tool pros include:

Easy to use

Launch scan tools are easy to install and operate without any technical knowledge required from users. You can access all the functions easily by pressing some buttons on its interface.

Measures all components

You don’t have to buy separate tools for measuring different vehicle parts because launch scats come with all the necessary features in one device. So you do not need another machine when it comes down to checking any part, component-related issues, or vehicle problems like engine tuning issues.


We have told you about the launch scan tool, and if you want this product, you can order it from Alibaba. They are providing the best rates on these tools. If a car has engine problems and the mechanic cannot find out what is wrong with it, it is important to use an OBD2 scanner. You can use this type of tool to do a diagnostic test on your vehicle’s computer systems and identify any issues that may exist.

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