Tips To Look After Women’s Boots For Durability

Like changing seasons of the year, there are changing trends in fashion! Every season has its wardrobe, and this is the official time to kickstart boots season. Whether in a rainy or humid city, only sufficient care of footwear like women’s UGG boots can make them durable.

This article has compiled all the expert tips to help you explore multiple techniques to look after the boots. Walk in style with your brand-new-looking boots using the information!

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Clean them thoroughly

Women’s UGG boots are solid but sensitive to long-term exposure to dust and dirt. Thus, it would help if you created a weekly regime for cleaning the boots in a detailed manner. You will need multiple soft cloths and a special cleaning liquid during this procedure. The right way to clean is to dampen the cotton cloth with a leather cleanser and wipe it softly.

Moisturise the boots

So you thought only the skin needs moisturisation during a cold? Well, it is essential that you moisturise your boots and preserve the original texture of the leather during all seasons. It requires a leather conditioner to moisturise the boots, and you might have to turn your gallery into a leather spa for a while.

Protective sole at the base

While most women’s UGG boots have rigid soles and bases, they must be protected further. A thin layer of rubber soles makes them durable and makes up for the wear and tear. This is one of the most sustainable options during the winters when the likeliness of sole damage is maximum.

Investing in boot trees

The life of your boots depends a lot on how you store them. While many people feel it is safe to store the boots inside a box, the boot trees are a reliable option to keep them in shape. This practice protects the structure of the boots and keeps the leather intact. Hence, you can easily avoid the folds and cracks using boot trees during winter.

Lock the boot surface

Did you know there are sealants for protecting the boot’s surface? Leather sealants lock the surface of leather boots and prevent colour fading and scuffing. All you need to do is add a thin layer of the sealant once you are done with the season and keep the boots intact.

Additionally, you can find leather creams in the market that are useful for maintaining lustre.

Routine cleaning

Getting rid of routine cleaning is one of the biggest reasons for ending up with damaged boots. No matter what regime you follow every week, it is essential that you clean the boots after every wear. Additionally, this is a critical step during the rainy season. Thus, ensure you wipe off the dust and clean the boots after every use.

Basic steps to care for your boots

To simplify things, below are the three steps you need to follow weekly.

  • Condition: Add a layer of boot conditioner after it dries completely so that the leather remains soft.
  • Waterproofing: Apply wax or sealant layer if you use these boots for rough hiking and adventures.
  • Buffing: Brush your boots softly before storing them inside the box to maintain their sheen.

Final verdict

Women love their boots, and the steps mentioned above are just a few tips to strengthen that love. While these steps don’t guarantee the durability of your boots, they increase the life span. However, it is advisable to read the care tips for each boot separately and understand their nature.

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