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Proper Levels of Lighting at Home

Proper levels of lighting in your home are essential for optimal performance of tasks. In general, you should use 100-300 lux of illumination for general areas. A more precise measurement of the lighting levels in specific rooms can be done by adding the lux of all bulbs in a room. You may also want to bring extra lamps or lampshades from other rooms in your house to supplement the proper light levels in that room. Listed below are the proper levels of lighting in your home:

The correct levels of lighting in your home can make a huge difference in the amount of light that is available. Proper lighting can lower your electric bill, give your family a more comfortable environment, and prevent accidents from occurring from improper levels of illumination. Proper lighting also prevents stubbed toes from poor lighting. These risks are avoidable if you know what to look for. However, in some cases, it is impossible to determine the proper levels of lighting.

You may have wondered what the proper levels of lighting should be in different rooms. While you can make educated guesses about how many lights should be placed in different rooms, a professional lighting designer can give you the exact recommendations for your home. Depending on your lifestyle, different rooms require different levels of light. You can also consult the Illuminating Engineering Society to learn more about the different types of lighting that are best suited for a particular room.

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