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Potato Varieties Chart – Tips For Choosing the Right Potato For Your Cooking Needs

If you’re considering planting a garden or looking to increase your crop, you can get the right potatoes by following our potato varieties chart. Listed below are the most popular varieties available in the United States. By following the tips below, you can choose the perfect potato for your cooking needs. You’ll be able to choose the most flavorful potatoes for any recipe, from mashed to baked potatoes. And, you can save money on the cost of organic potatoes.

Cream-skinned, white-fleshed potatoes are the best choice for roasting, mashing, and boiling. They are low-starchy and great for most cooking applications, including salads and baked goods. They also hold their shape well and don’t require any special preparations. While there are many types of potatoes, the main types are listed below. Read the chart carefully to find the best potato for your needs! And remember, there are even more types of potatoes than those listed above!

In addition to this chart, you can also find a variety catalog. Some are available only as true seed, so you need to know what variety will grow in your region. Some varieties are seasonal, meaning they’ll only be available at a particular time of year. Some are short-day varieties, while others are mid-day. A good potato variety chart will also show how long they take to mature, as well as how quickly they’ll mature and store.

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