How to Define Technology

The debate on how to define technology is not new. The term has been used to describe a variety of practices and applications throughout the history of man. While some technologies are beneficial, others are counterproductive. But what exactly is technology? How should one define it? There are many ways to answer this question. Here are some ways to use the term. These definitions are meant to serve as general guidelines. The first step is to determine a precise definition of technology.

The first English definition of technology was published in 1958. The definition of technology today describes machines and systems that are used in human-made products. These machines and systems improve the human quality of life. But technology is not confined to human beings; non-human primates, such as gorillas, have developed simple forms of technology. Among them, they use branches and honeycombs to measure water depth. Even non-human primates use basic forms of technology.

To fully understand technology, it is necessary to define its essence. The essence of technology is the agency of humans in creating artificial beings. These artificial beings can be natural or artificial. The constituents of technological situations include human aims, artificial beings, and situation-bound tools. Then, the definition of technology can be narrowed down. These definitions can serve as a starting point to debate and define technology. And if we can get a clearer understanding of the meaning of technology, we can take a closer look at its nature.

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